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Zozio responds to the complexity of the chemical industry

The chemical industry is at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. It has challenges in terms of competitiveness, attractiveness and sustainability.

To meet these challenges, we have developed the Robin solution: the first logistical companion for factory employees.

Robin allows you to save time in your inventories, to reduce your dormant stocks and especially to improve the traceability of your products.

The challenges of the chemical industry

  • Operational Excellence
  • Traceability and quality control
  • Environmental Compliance

Operational Excellence and Process Improvement

Optimize your logistic flows and inventory with our performance analysis tool called Robin.Perf. It allows you to have a real-time information about the state of your logistics.

Increase the reliability and safety of your intra-site logistics by identifying storage and transport anomalies through Robin.Brain.

Quality control and compliance with regulations

Control your product fleet and their expiration dates with a single click and be alerted in case of risk of overrun.

Reinforce compliance with regulations and reduce the risk of incidents related to the movement of hazardous materials.

Anticipate a leak, an incident or any logistic inconsistency thanks to our AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

Sustainability and waste reduction

Optimize the management of your resources and chemical waste for an eco-responsible production.

Avoid loss of raw materials thanks to the location and better tracking of your containers in real time with Robin.IoT

Optimize your storage, identify non-moving stocks and reduce your fleet of containers.

Zozio c'est :

  • 20+ pays déployés à travers le monde
  • 100+ sites industriels couverts
  • 35k+ objets connectés mis en service
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