Zozio will be at Paris Air Show on Tuesday, June, 20th.

Zozio is headlined in DirectIndustry for its German’s office opening and attendance at Hannover Messe

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Zozio is headlined in DirectIndustry for its German’s office opening and attendance at Hannover Messe

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Anticipate your logistic events

Thanks to Robin.Brain, anticipating the slightest stock movement in the near future is now possible.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms make your factory logistics predictive and predictable.

Coupled with Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms, Robin.Brain allows you to analyze daily movements and detect anomalies before they occur.

Predictive logistics

Our predictive logistics algorithms learn from your past flows. They are then able to anticipate your future flows and lead times.

If there is a risk of delivery delays at production line, employees are automatically alerted in order to avoid any negative impact on production.

Detection of inventory anomalies

We analyze your storage history to separate the a well-stored unites from the dysfunctionnal storage.

We automatically identify polluted stocks and automatically alert you about any misplaced inventory in your plant.

Task managment

Zozio optimizes task management for operators.

Equipped with a real “GPS” of the factory of the future, the operator is advised of the actions to be carried out in the most efficient and rapid way.

The digitalized organization of production ensures optimization and limitation of travel.

Why choose Zozio ?

Our mission is to provide manufacturers with a tool that is easy to use, reliable and secure. We go even further in our support by adapting our answers to your needs and expectations. Over the last two years, we have acquired our reputation as a reliable and innovative company, our customers testify and recommend us.
  • 01 AI-based predictive analysis

    Robin.Brain reduces the risks of production stoppages thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • 02 Augmented operator

    Robin.Brain facilitates operator's everyday work with the help of technology, which makes him more autonomous, efficient and motivated by his work.
  • 03 Worker's safety and well-being

    Anomalies detection limits the incidents on site between the handling machines.
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