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Analyse and optimise your flows & stocks

Robin.Perf provides a wide range of solutions that take the continuous improvement process to the next level.

Our algorithms analyse and qualify your logistics flows, stocks and processes.

It allows you to evaluate the efficiency of your logistics in real time. With Robin.Perf, Lean Manufacturing becomes easy.

Stock analysis

Our tool allows you to analyse in detail each of your stocks within your factory.

Evaluate the efficiency of your various stocks, reduce your dormant stocks and reduce the cost of storage.

You can also implement ABC or DDMRP methods.

Logistic flow analysis

Visualise and measure the efficiency of your logistics flows in different formats: flow mapping, VSM (Value Stream Mapping) analysis, heatmap.

Identify and limit bottlenecks and control your equipment flows.

Analyse the operational performance of logistics on all your industrial sites, within the factory and in transit between your sites worldwide.

Process analysis

Discover your ideal logistics processes within our tool.

Our algorithms analyse the logistics cycles performed and evaluate their efficiency.

You are thus able to monitor your routes in real time and be alerted automatically in case of risks.

Why choose Zozio ?

Robin.Perf service is a unique tool on the market which allows to mesure efficiency of your logistics. Spagetti diagrams and coloureful schemes make this complexe tool very easy to use. Zozio helps its clients to improve their manufacturing processes, industrial performance and worker satisfaction.
  • 01 Easy to use

    Accessible on any time of screen, the plateform is extremely easy to use. It allows you to analyze and evaluate complexe processes in only 2 clics.
  • 02 Performance analysis

    Our performance analysis platform is a unique tool allowing to identify storage anomalies, massive stocks and bottlenecks.
  • 03 Indoor and outdoor flow analysis

    Analyze your logistic flow within your factory and while your equipment is being transfered.

Zozio is :

  • 20+ countries deployed around the world
  • 100+ industrial sites covered
  • 35k+ connected objects put into service
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