Zozio will be at Paris Air Show on Tuesday, June, 20th.

Zozio is headlined in DirectIndustry for its German’s office opening and attendance at Hannover Messe

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Zozio is headlined in DirectIndustry for its German’s office opening and attendance at Hannover Messe

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Our suppliers

Why are suppliers used?

Zozio is looking for the best quality for its customers, so we have an important selection charter in order to work with the best suppliers in their specific fields of expertise. After this selection, we test the solutions and finally integrate them in our platform.

But also, we choose to work with several suppliers in order to adapt to the environmental requirements of each sector and to “de-risk” our projects.

In fact, in order to obtain the most efficient solution, this comes from a fusion between the use of software and hardware.

For the hardware part of the process, we trust our suppliers to deliver on our promise of technical excellence. This leaves us free to concentrate on our core business : software.

Our supplier Wizzilab, an IOT (Internet of Things) expert, thanks to its very light technology, will enable us to collect data with great precision. Afterwards, Wizzilab allows us to access a specific network to link these data and facilitate the daily life of the collaborators.

We have placed our trust in the company Abeeway, thanks to its expertise in the field of geolocation. Indeed, these devices allow a great flexibility, as well as an excellent reliability even in difficult environments.

Adeunis allows our employees to optimise flows and reduce daily losses, thanks in particular to its geolocation by trilateration. Indeed, according to the customer’s needs, alerts can be set up, for example, to warn the employee of unusual situations or faulty systems.

PHI DATA is a Belgian software company that supports the digital transformation by using RFID technology. And by using a variety of technologies, PHI DATA allows us to answer our customers with the most precision possible for each problematic.

Digital Matter is the world’s leading developer of low power GPS and IoT hardware for asset tracking and management operations.

It will allow us to track equipment in real time inside the factory, using an autonomous device.

Moko smart is the company with the number one solution for smart devices in China. They provide us with quality monitoring thanks to their expertise, which we use in particular for the cosmetics industry, which has important quality requirements.

Ineo-Sense, the first European start-up in the field of wireless sensors, specialises in indoor localisation thanks to its LoRaWAN technology. But it also stands out thanks to its LED flashing module (Pick-to-light), which allows optimised visibility for operators.

“The best on our side for a more efficient, human and sustainable factory”.

Fabrice Jutteau

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