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Our integrator partners

Who are our partners ?

In order to shape the factory of the future and to deploy our solution on a large scale, Zozio works with a worldwide network of integrators, within the framework of our requirements charter.

Indeed, they trust Zozio’s solution 4.0 to optimize their customers’ logistics flows.

This allows us to offer our common customers projects with a stronger impact and an even more efficient adoption of new technologies.

Our partner SIMAC IoTech supports the industries’ digital transformation. We lean on them for their expertise and close and qualitative relationship they nurture with their customers. Industrial stakeholders trust them to guarantee operations excellency and to optimize their processes.

While IBM is the world leader in data processing, Zozio is a key player in the traceability service in particular. The objective is to bring together the expertise of each in order to propose ambitious and relevant projects.

As a specialist in the aeronautical industry, Daher and Zozio have been working together for more than 2 years now. This allows them to optimise the group’s logistics flows and thus provide a global vision of Daher’s factories.

As a genuine expert in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), PHI-DATA, as an integrator and independent creator of Smart Edge solutions, helps Zozio in its digital transformation project for the industry.

Atrium Id, French leader in the fields of traceability and supply chain, is an important integrator for Zozio, helping Atrium Id’s clients to find the solution they need.

The German quality of Siemens enables a robust collaboration with Zozio. The technologies of the large international group allow detection and identification of transported products, which combine perfectly with the start-up’s ability to track movements in real time.

Bastien Triclot, Olivier Riou and Yves Neimer explain in video how the international group Siemens and the start-up Zozio are working together for Industry 4.0 and for the industrial traceability of factories.

If you want to keep track of our integrator partners, don’t hesitate to download our partner list in pdf format !

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