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Enhanced traceability and quality

Zozio’s teams are fully aware of the issues and problems of the cosmetics industry. We work with major players in the beauty industry to provide them with an adapted solution.

Our platform supports operators and managers in cosmetic production plants, simplifying their daily tasks related to production, packaging and quality control (regulatory compliance).

The challenges of the cosmetics industry

  • Industrial performance
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Eco-friendly production

Operational excellence and cost reduction

Quickly find your tanks at your site or at the sites of your suppliers. Automate the recall of these tanks by email.

Easily identify and analyze the period of immobilization of non-moving stock. You will be able to optimize the use of your fixed and mobile tank fleet.

Thanks to our Robin.Insight solution, you will also be able to size your production as accurately as possible.

Better quality control

With Zozio, locate and track the status of your mobile and fixed tanks throughout the production process, inside the plant and in transit between your sites around the world.

The permanent monitoring of the status of mobile tanks allows you to manage: the state of hygiene, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) status, expiry and maturation.

Sustainability and eco-responsible production

Thanks to the automated alert system, Robin helps you to reduce the loss of raw materials for the factory.

We accompany you towards a green factory and an eco-responsible production thanks to the anticipation of products expiration, the optimization of the equipment park and the suppression of untimely flows.

Zozio's solution provides a better monitoring of the hygiene status of mobile tanks.
Faustine Liabastres,
Performance Manager at Cosmétique Active Production of L'Oréal

Success story :
Digital piloting of Active Cosmetics Production tanks (L’Oréal)

Zozio meets the needs of L’Oréal through its ROBIN solution for the digitalized management of their tanks in order to :

  • Simplify the operator’s daily routine by eliminating repetitive tasks and making his work easier (automated inventory management and tank search)
  • Improve performance by reducing raw material losses and improving process compliance
  • Guarantee 100% traceability by tracking tanks in real time within the plant and in transit
  • Ensure an eco-responsible production thanks to the reduction of the number of tanks and a better management of resources

Thanks to ROBIN, L’Oréal employees are automatically alerted when an inconsistency is detected and manage their inventories without inventory discrepancies.

Client's testimonial after Zozio's solution installation.

How does Industry 4.0 meet the challenges of the cosmetics sector?

This book aims to present the challenges, tools, and solutions available to Industry 4.0 operators in the cosmetics sector. The new industrial era brings performance and innovation and improves operational efficiency.

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