In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Manage and optimize your batches

  • icon Increased of on-time deliveries
  • icon Productivity gain
  • icon Rework decrease

Zozio on the field with MedTech industry experts

Our technical teams establish a close dialogue with our customers and carefully study their use cases. Our aim is to address the day-to-day challenges faced by MedTech manufacturers.

Our ROBIN app and our indoor and outdoor geolocation solution enable you to support your production operators and managers’ work, by offering them an easy-to-use technological tool, accessible on all screens (computer, smartphone, tablet).

MedTech industry

The design of medical devices is subject to stringent regulations. The complexity of these manufacturing operations leads to longer lead times – which in turn has an impact on customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to facilitate these processes with a comprehensive management solution that enables you to digitally track and geolocate your batches and containers.

You have access to all manufacturing-related data in a single location. Your quality processes are respected, and all your processes are secured thanks to pre-configured alerts and automated OF status updates.

Tell us more about your Industry 4.0 project

Digitalize your batches follow-up

Transfer all data from your pre-existing information systems (MES, ERP, WMS, spreadsheets…) to our software platform, and set up ROBIN widgets to meet your use cases and start digitizing your operations. Define specific business rules to assist operators in their daily work.

Geolocate your FOs

*FO : fabrication orders

Geolocate your FOs in real time. Our indoor and outdoor geolocation solution is 100% tech-agnostic. We study the technology best suited to your use case and industrial environment, based on the Industry 4.0 communication protocols available on the market and easy to deploy thanks to a non-wired infrastructure (UWB, BLE, GPS…).

Scheduling and priority management

Ensure just-in-time production and that the right work-in-progress is processed. Automate priority management and inform operators of the right work-in-process. Objectives: reduce your lead times and improve compliance with your processes.

Compliance with quality processes

Follow your quality processes, thanks to the pre-configured alerts and automated status updates for your production orders. Be alerted in the event of non-compliance with manufacturing deadlines and processes, and benefit from analyses to improve your processes.

Would you like to benefit from our support for the digitalization of your industry?

We’ve put together a free white paper entitled “Digitize your FOs tracking*” with everything you need to carry out an Industrie 4.0 project with us, with a pragmatic, efficient solution that will help you keep your costs under control.

*fabrication orders

Download this ebook for free (FR version)
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