In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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You’re interested by our solution and have further questions about…: Vous êtes intéressé par notre solution et avez des questions :  

  • Your buyer’s journey?
  • Our pre and post sales offers and customer follow-up processes?

We gathered here all the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) answers and everything you need to no about our solution and offers.

How does our services works?

Our digital platform ROBIN is a SaaS (software as a service) with a subscription plan.  Our customers sign for a 12 months minimum contract.

Beyond this, our sales team can offer you a negociated pricing.

The software is billed on a monthly basis.

Your subscription depends on a price scale integrating:

  • Which app widgets you subscribed for,
  • How many IoT have been deployed within your plant or outdoor,
  • How many plants are now equipped with our solution.

If you’d like to benefit from our indoor and outdoor geolocation solution, ROBIN, our platform is included in the overall budget.

However, IoT purchase and integration is not mandatory if your use case doesn’t require any technology setup at your plant’s.

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Subscribe to ROBIN

At Zozio, the entire pre-sales phase is free of charge. It includes gathering your requirements, analyzing your site and diagnosing your needs, and our technical and operational teams business travels.

We are working by your side to learn more about your use case and the performances issues you are facing everyday. Following the reception of your requirements briefing, we’ll send you a business offer integrating the selected widgets for your platform configuration and suggested technologies – in partnership with our suppliers – and our best pricing offer.

This phase may require for us to organize a few workshops at your plant’s to ensure close cooperation between our teams and yours and a better understanding of your business.

Following this phase, we start configuring your platform.

ROBIN’s platform configuration

  • Phase 1: Construction of the platform (less than a week) and implementation of selected modules.Phase 2: Integration of the platform into the customer’s IT infrastructure with : On-premise cloud, dedicated server or private cloud and API interconnection with your pre-existing industrial software (MES, WMS, ERP, CMMS, spreadsheet files, etc.).Phase 3: Kick-off presentation of the platform to the main users, including: a half-day on-site training session with assistance with a hands-on ROBIN session and a ticketing tool presentation and the modus operandi for reporting your after-sales requests.

After the platform’s deployment, you can choose to call on us to assist you with its long-term configuration, or prefer to have an in-house expert dedicated to its autonomous configuration.

IoT Hub Platform implementation

As with the implementation of our platform ROBIN, the pre-sales phase required to qualify your needs is free of charge.

We can adapt our solutions to your specific needs, depending on the geolocation accuracy you require and your type of industrial environment (highly metallic, ATEX, etc.).

A technical sales engineer will visit your site to study your constraints and provide the best possible response.

Ask for a use case diagnosis

Deploying your geolocation solution

Our advantages:

  • Deployment made possible in less than a month* (2 days on site and 3 weeks of IoT preparation).

*subject to availability of equipment requested

  • Multi-reference, multi-supplier solution
  • Dedicated project manager

Your project manager’s role

First steps

After signing your purchase order, a project manager is assigned to you. You can contact him or her by e-mail or telephone to answer any questions you may have.

Whether the platform and IoTs have been setup by you or by your Zozio’s project manager, he will ensure that the IoT infrastructure for indoor geolocation is properly configured and commissioned, and that it is correctly installed on your outdoor equipment.

Diagnosis and kick-off

To launch the digitalization project for your industrial site, we hold a meeting on your premises with your assigned project manager and the main users of the solution, to discuss access to your site and security conditions.

This is followed by the planning of the intervention and the positioning of slots in the schedule, and then the technical validation phase.

Your Zozio Customer Success Manager

As part of your post-deployment project follow-up, a Customer Success Manager is assigned to you to ensure that the solution meets the objectives set with your Project Manager.

This role revolves around needs feedback, training, maintenance, analysis and diagnosis of potential developments and evolutions for your solution, and customer satisfaction.

The person dedicated to your account takes charge of several aspects:

  • IoT fleet monitoring (alerts, battery levels, etc.),
  • Ongoing user training to support change management,
  • Quarterly on-site debriefing and feedback meetings,
  • Usage analysis,
  • Technical support.

In addition to the role of Customer Success Manager, you can call on our technical support, presented by your project manager.

Technical support guarantees :

  • Management and follow-up of your incident and malfunction tickets,
  • User support
  • Continuous development of your platform and service extension
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