In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Electronical Products

Expected R.O.I

  • 30mn gain per operator per day
  • 10% on-time delivery increase
  • 10% quality increase

Electronical products

We have identified numerous production flow issues for our manufacturers customers of electronic products.

Several issues are directly linked to this kind of production:

  • Production batches are becoming smaller and smaller, and are made to measure and on demand,
  • Delivery times are increasingly tight,
  • The tasks involved are still highly manual.

The important number of components to be assembled and the low level of automation can make it difficult to keep track of operations. Production is distributed across several assembly stations, organized into workshop lines known as Job Shop Manufacturing. For operators, this type of production line requires a large number of intermediate checks – and therefore a great loss of time – as the quality of the final product is difficult to assess.

Our ROBIN solution addresses these issues through several intervention modes.

Automate and geolocate WIP and FO's tracking

Our solution enables you to track your work-in-progress and production orders thanks to a geolocation solution. To facilitate searches, our sensors feature a pick-to-light function, enabling you to find production batches and assemble components more quickly. The LED parameters can be setup to define priority actions.

Production scheduling

By digitizing all production data on the ROBIN platform, employees can ensure that every task has been completed with a single click. Pre-configured alerts warn of workstation delivery delays or non-compliance issues.

Analyze production flow performance

Using the Zozio solution, you can detect bottlenecks at production station level and analyze lead times at each assembly station.

Ebook "Digitalize vos OF"

Download this free white paper on the digitization of manufacturing orders to understand the benefits and how to manage an Industrie 4.0 project from A to Z.

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