In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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With ROBIN, geolocate your WIP, design your processes and optimize your production flows

What is Zozio’s solution, ROBIN?

ROBIN is a software developed by Zozio, based on three pillars:

  • Your FO’s (fabrication orders) and WIP geolocation and digitalization,
  • Your processes re-designed,
  • Your production flows optimization.

ROBIN Smart Tracking

Geolocate your WIP and digitalize your OF

With ROBIN Smart Tracking, track & trace your containers and parts, trace your history, visualize and optimize your storage areas and monitor your WIP.


ROBIN Process Control

Design your processes

With ROBIN Process Control, you can be alerted to obsolescence of lead times, perform automated prioritization, set up alerts on high or low WIP stocks, and alerts on quality processes (storage times exceeded and quality control times exceeded).


ROBIN Performance Management

Optimize your production flow logistics

With ROBIN Performance Management, you can set lead times for your work-in-progress, and manage utilization rates and fixed assets by zone. Use our VSM analysis modules to visualize turnover rates and identify bottlenecks in just a few clicks.


Indoor Geolocation

Geolocate your assets and containers (trestles, IBCs, tote containers, tanks, etc.) within your industrial site thanks to the deployment of IoT technologies.


Outdoor Geolocation

Geolocate your assets and containers outside the factory, for example, when moving at your subcontractors’ and track the status of your work-in-progress remotely and in real time.


IoT Hub Platform

Use the IoT Hub Platform to manually configure the control of your connected objects and industrial sensors, and define ever more precise rules.


Zozio's Assistance

Discover our support’s management (project manager, customer success management and technical support) after the purchase of your ROBIN solution and your geolocation solution.



  • 01 About ROBIN

    Mockup ROBIN

    Which kind of software is ROBIN?

    ROBIN industrial software is deliberately no-code, and its intuitive ergonomics makes it easy to learn. Decisions can be taken quickly, thanks to plant data made accessible in just a few clicks, and updated in real time.

    ROBIN is a unique interface inspired by consumer productivity software. This digital platform brings Industry 4.0 technologies to the field.

    Operators and production managers can create their own modules and dashboards, and model flows and inventories in real time.

  • 02 Why ROBIN and Zozio?

    ROBIN: Real-Time Operator’s Business Intelligence Nexus

    Beyond its “scientific” name, ROBIN, which means “robin” in English, was named to emphasize the idea of a companion that assists the industrial operator in his daily tasks.

    Operators, production managers, methods managers, industrialization managers, Industry 4.0 managers, IT managers, innovation managers, purchasing managers… all benefit from it.

    Zozio is also the name of the company founded in 2018 by Bastien Triclot. Bastien is a graduate engineer from Arts & Métiers and the Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie.

    The .io refers to the digital environment and connectivity, and the word zozio or “zoziau” in French is a reference to the company founder’s northern origins.

  • 03 Does ROBIN can replace your ERP?

    It’s not uncommon to see our ROBIN solution compared with pre-existing tools in their plant information systems (MES, WMS, VMS, ERP, Power BI and other visual management solutions, spreadsheets and industrial planning tools).

    ROBIN is not a WMS, MES, ERP, CMMS solution, visual management tool or planning software.

    ROBIN is a collaborative, connected industrial logistics traceability management app for operators, production managers and method & Industry 4.0 managers, enabling real-time visualization of work-in-process to avoid overproduction, waste and just-in-time planning.

    The data fed into our ROBIN industrial software is high value-added data. It enables in-depth analyses that pave the way for process optimization and savings in terms of time, resources and materials.

    It’s a powerful solution, adapted to the high level of competitiveness of large-scale industries that experience several annual peak periods and saturation episodes. It facilitates decision-making thanks to the indispensable analysis of sources of inefficiency in your operations, and contributes through its modernity to the attractiveness of talent.

    Thanks to our solution :

    • Locate work-in-process in just a few clicks,
    • End of inventories and stock discrepancies,
    • Updated quality processes in real time,
    • Global overview upon your available containers and their geolocation.
  • 04 Who's our target?

    Zozio is developing ROBIN, a subscription-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) digital platform dedicated to manufacturing and production manufacturers – in the cosmetics, aeronautics, automotive, chemical, glass and medical device manufacturing (MedTech) sectors.

    ROBIN is currently available in three languages (French, English, German) and on all types of screen (TV, computer, smartphone, tablet).

  • 05 Which data sources are compatible with our app ROBIN?

    Data via API

    ROBIN is a complete solution that interfaces with most market solutions (ERP, WMS, MES, CMMS, etc.) via API interconnection. Your entire existing information system can thus be absorbed into the heart of our software, enabling you to draw up a performance analysis and identify areas for optimization.

    The platform enables you to collect all dematerialized data from your spreadsheets, histories and forms. You can link the status of your OFs to the availability of your containers, so that, for example, you can remove a batch from the production process and block it, thanks to the real-time alerts you’ve configured in advance.

  • 06 What kind of widgets and modules am I going to benefit from?

    The data collected is formatted using various modules and KPIs (graphs, diagrams, lists, monitoring tables, etc.).

    • Digital twin of your plant,
    • Mapping of asset distribution by zone,
    • WIP monitoring tables,
    • Diagrams, histograms, gauges,
    • Asset immobilization table,
    • Value Stream Mapping.

    Data collected via connected objects or IIoT (industrial sensors)

    With our geolocation solution, you get indoor precision to 50 cm, and outdoor precision to 10 meters. Our solution is available in 150 countries. The battery life of your IoT is estimated at 5 years, depending on use, and the infrastructure is unwired.

    We are tech-agnostic and work with you to define the type of technology best suited to your needs, based on the latest innovations:

    • RFID 
    • Ultra Wideband 
    • WIFI and/or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 
    • LoraWan
    • Sigfox 
    • GPS 
    • 4G – 5G – LTE-M – NB-IoT

    To benefit from flexible references and technologies, we are multi-suppliers.

    Discover our catalog of integrated sensors for indoor and outdoor geolocation.

  • 07 What is ROBIN's pricing?

    To obtain pricing information for our Robin solution, please contact our sales team.

    3 ways to do this:

    • Use our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible;
    • Call us! Our phone number is at our website’s footer;
    • Send us an e-mail at
  • 08 How long is ROBIN's average subscription period?

    The average commitment period for our service is 36 months, but we remain flexible depending on your specific use case needs.

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In this document, you’ll find all of our IoT and connected devices references with various technologies (IoT, GPS…) offered by Zozio through its trusted partners.

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