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Anticipate your logistics

Zozio’s goal is to provide all factory employees with efficient tools that simplify ther daily work, while improving manufacturing processes.

Zozio has created a real worker companion :

ROBIN (Real-time Operator’s Business Intelligence Nexus)

Robin is the new way to optimize your logistics and to control daily tasks. It is the perfect complement to business management softwares such as WMS (Warehouse Management System).


Robin.IoT is an end-to-end traceability service for your industrial logistics.

Our technology combines the best geolocation equipment on the market (Ultra Wideband, RFID, GPS, etc.) to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Robin.Connect is the dedicated module to:

  1. Structure and secure the data collected from the IIoT system (Industrial Internet of Things)
  2. Create an API interface with your business software (ERP, WMS)
  3. Configure the necessary connectivity levels (Lorawan, Sigfox, 4G, 5G)
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Robin.Insight is the first Business Intelligence solution dedicated to logistics.

Its user-friendly platform allows you to visualize all your equipment: tanks, trucks, machines, etc.

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Our Robin.Perf solution brings new tools for the analysis of your logistics. You are thus able to analyze your flows, stocks and business processes. You can evaluate your continuous improvement actions.

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Enter the factory of the future with Robin.Brain!

Based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Robin.Brain allows you to predict the state of your logistics.

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Why choose Zozio to manage your assets?

Our mission is to provide manufacturers with a tool that is easy to use, reliable and secure. We go even further in our support by adapting our answers to your needs and expectations. Over the last two years, we have acquired our reputation as a reliable and innovative company, testified and recommended by market leaders such as L'Oréal and Saint-Gobain.
  • 01 Scalable solution

    Our teams carry out a customized study of your needs and define a project adapted to your industrial site. Deployment and installation are possible on industrial site of any size. Installed without cable infrastructure, our equipment allows up to 10 years of autonomy.
  • 02 Immediate ROI

    Fast payback with a turnkey solution configured to the customer's needs.
  • 03 Quick setup

    Zozio ecosystem is configurated in a few clicks and parameterization does not require any programming.
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