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Produce more. With less. Faster.

Manage your WIP easily, control and optimize your production flows with our software ROBIN. The data collected at the very heart of your shopfloor, factory or fabrication laboratory is priceless. We collect it for you and plug it into our solution, easy-to-go and available on any kind of devices. ROBIN is a lean, collaborative and green oriented software. It will change your daily routine at work.

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Fast ROI drivers

  • icon -5% raw material waste
  • icon +30' saved per operator / day
  • icon +10% increase of productivity


Visualize your work-in-progress (WIP) in real time (stocks, quality, expiration dates, sterilization statuts…). Save time and geolocalize your mobile containers indoor and outdoor. Control your storage areas filling in order to guarantee the availability of products or materials needed in right amount, to optimize your production. Track the entire life cycle of your work-in-process to prevent from risks and facilitate audits in the event of a control or incident. Eliminate your inventories.


Be alerted in advance if there’s any risks of manufacturing or delivery delays. Set notifications to know when the production processes are not being followed. Prioritize your tasks and those of your team in order to get the best from your production operations. Make sure you always have enough containers available to avoid line stoppages during production.


Quantify your containers usage rate in order to decrease the number in use.

ROBIN, a secure-by-design software

Because we are aware of your work specificities, we manage to offer you a solution capable to be the right match for your industrial environment requirements and processes. For a quick, safe and flexible setup, fitting your special needs.
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  • 01 A safe cloud

    You trust us to collect your key datas and to get the best value out of it. We owe you thus a great level of service, a quality web hosting and a high level of encryption. This is why we choose a european cloud host, reachable 24/7 from any devices.
  • 02 A quick setup

    ROBIN is a very easy platform to set up by yourself or by our team. In a few clics, you'll be able to generate dashboards and your first follow-up tables and starting to reap the benefits from your datas with pre-set key performance indicators.
  • 03 Tailor-made technology

    We work hand in hand with our partners and sensors suppliers. We selected them for their ability to adress any industrial stake with great efficiency. We can thus provide sustainable, adaptative, energy-saving and accurate indoor & outdoor IoT and industrial sensors with a great price and quality balance.
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Ask for a demo

Our advisors and experts are here for you. You can ask for an overview of our various widgets available on ROBIN. This guided discovery of our tool will allow you to ask us any question left you have and to underline the issues you’re facing.

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