In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Outdoor Geolocation and subcontractors' management

Expected R.O.I from our solution

  • icon 1 to 2h of time-saved per day and per operator
  • icon -15% container fleet reduction
  • icon Better customer satisfaction

Track your parts on the move with your subcontractors

Why use ROBIN for your outdoor parts tracking?

Being able to track and analyze the off-site movements of your parts, tools and products in real time and with just a few clicks, when visiting customers or subcontractors, has immediate benefits for your production performance.

A data-centric solution

Our solution combines software – for data visualization – and hardware – for integrated sensors – to enable you to track the location of your parts and products – wherever they are and to within 10 meters – during site-to-site transfers.

Our solution gives you 360° vision to :

  • Know where your tools and parts are in transit,
  • Be informed of their safe arrival at destination, and of any potential delays,
  • Organize the handling of returns,
  • Estimate arrival date,
  • Receive confirmation of departure and arrival.

What R.O.I to expect?

The Zozio solution lets you set automatic reminders and track all movements in real time. You’ll avoid losing your equipment, adapt your parts and tool park to the right scale, save time tracking and managing shipments, avoid delivery errors and production interruptions.

But the real strength of the product is that it enables you to reduce the retention time of your returnable containers with your subcontractors or customers, and consequently reduce the size of your fleet.

The ROBIN platform is ideal for consulting, visualizing, anticipating and analyzing all situations arising during the transit of your parts and tools outside your plant.

Combined with our geolocation solution, you’ll obtain complete, up-to-date records of every movement in real time, and a view of these elements on a dynamic map.
Our added value and Zozio’s expertise

We specialize in indoor and outdoor geolocation in industrial environments.

Our tech-agnostic solution is flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Our technicians take account of your environmental constraints (ATEX environments, highly metallic, installations at height, etc.).

We work with integrator partners and technology suppliers to ensure that we address our customers’ needs as precisely as possible.

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