In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Easels real-time tracking inside and outside the factory

In order for the employees not to waste time to find the right easels, Zozio has developed an indoor and outdoor geolocation system.

The operator has access to the position of any rack in 1 click!

Automatic recall alerts allow you to retrieve your desks faster.

Workers packaging glass sheets in warehouse

Better visibility on production planning

The lack of visibility on the available containers can strongly impact the production planning.

Thanks to our Robin.Insight solution, we assist the operator and the manager in the future dimensioning of the production.

Production stoppages due to lack of equipment no longer exist!


Increase the OEE of your machines

Since you will find your easels much faster, you will also be able to improve the rate of operation of your machines.

Your fixtures will now arrive just in time at the shop floor.

You are able to produce more with the same number of machines.

Customer testimonial : Vetrotech Switzerland (subsidiary of Saint-Gobain) entrusts the management of its easels to Zozio

Zozio supports Vetrotech (a Swiss subsidiary of Saint-Gobain) in the digitalized management of its trestles.

Installed on 250 easels of the factory stored in different places, Robin solution allows to know the status and the exact location of its equipment in real time and in a few clicks.

After a few months of use, the ROBIN solution has allowed to :

  • Reduce considerably the time needed for the operators to find the easels
  • Optimize the equipment flow within the plant
  • Increase the efficiency of the machines and thus improve productivity
  • Facilitate operators everyday tasks

Installed in only 2 days thanks to the cable-free infrastructure, the solution was easily integrated by operators and managers.

Testimony of the deployment of the Zozio solution within the Vetrotech plant.
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