In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Track & Trace

End-to-end traceability of your assets

Zozio is at your service to overcome the lack of visibility with our various Track & Trace services, inside and outside your plant.

This end-to-end visibility allows you to know the status and location of your tanks, carts and containers in real time.

Welcome to Zozio’s smart factory 4.0 where employees get a global view on logistics in 2 clicks!

Locate your equipment

Locate your equipment in real time with our full Track & Trace service.

Follow the movements of your equipment inside the plant and in transit around the world.

Gain in performance by eliminating the time it takes to find your equipment.

Improve quality control in your production

Get an accurate overview of the quality of your products with our electronic document management (EDM) system.

Alert your employees in real time when a suspect product is used in logistics.

Monitor the condition of your containers or products

Facilitate your product’s compliance with industry regulations and certifications (ATEX, ADR, EHS, ISO, etc.)

Digitalize your sanitary requirements control, products’ expiration and other product statuses.

With Zozio, ensure the reliability of your logistics and serialization.

Make your annual audits easier

With our platform, you can control your supply chain from end to end.

You also get a comprehensive historical overview of your products and containers. This saves you a lot of time during your audits.

Zozio contributes to the reduction of waiting waste and fights against wasteful movements.
Christophe Laurence
Business Development Executive
Industry 4.0 & IoT
IBM Global Business Services

Why choose Zozio to improve traceability?

Zozio provides technology that meets the requirements of each industry. We offer our customers a complete catalog of indoor and outdoor geolocation solutions: Ultra Wideband, RFID, GPS, LoRaWan, etc. Our agile and easy-to-adopt solution does not require a wired infrastructure and can be installed in a few hours.
  • 01 Accuracy up to 30 cm

    Ultra Wideband indoor geolocation technology ensures accuracy to within 30 cm
  • 02 Traceability inside and in transit

    Our Full Track&Trace system tracks your equipment inside the factory and in transit between your industrial sites in Europe.
  • 03 Monitoring the condition of your equipment

    Thanks to the interfacing of our solution with business software (ERP, WMS, etc.), you can monitor the status of your tanks and containers in real time (temperature, weight, hygiene status, etc.).

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