In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Industry 4.0 08.07.21

How to optimize industrial logistics ?

The deployment of logistics 4.0

To implement relevant initiatives and agree on a coherent strategy, it is essential for companies to consider the impacts of new technologies on all areas of the industry.

Among these is industrial logistics, responsible for the optimized management of production flows.

One of today’s challenges is industrial logistics optimization, and emerging technologies play an important role in it.

The benefits of logistics optimization

A good optimization of the logistics process can have a direct impact on the supply chain management. Storage costs, delivery times and risks can be drastically reduced.

In order to start optimizing the logistics, it is advisable to start with the coordination of the logistics processes and the prevention of risks.

Both actions can be easily done with help of innovative technologies such as IoT, the Internet of Things.


Last innovations for logistics 4.0

Thanks to the IoT system, companies now have access to a multitude of connected objects, whose use is particularly relevant in logistics.
To follow the physical flows, for example, many companies use the concept of real-time visibility, facilitating the operations of the Supply Chain.


Even more varied management solutions

In addition to objects connected to the Internet, many other technologies allow companies to optimize their logistics. These include 3D printers, drones, augmented reality and unmanned vehicles.

When used appropriately, these technologies can increase the efficiency of your company and are often a beneficial investment.

To optimize your production logistics, it is also necessary to learn about the different existing logistics software. These are now indispensable to any logistics manager. Among these softwares, we find CoPilot, Logitude World or GoRamp. They allow teams to work more quickly by optimizing logistic flows.


Softwares specialized in logistic optimizatoin

To maximize the efficiency of industrial procurement, production and distribution processes, industry ERPs have also appeared on the market. They correspond to integrated solutions for daily management of data and operational information. Very useful for SMIs, an ERP software facilitates production monitoring and all operations related to your industrial chain.

In the same spirit, we find the WMS (Warehouse Management System) in logistics. A WMS is a software dedicated to the optimization of inventory management in warehouses. Thanks to this type of software, companies benefit from a perfect knowledge of their stocks, and thus from a better traceability.

Zozio’s platform plugs into WMS and ERP systems to manage physical flows in real time. Assisted by Zozio, the employee can anticipate logistic inconsistencies, easily manage the equipment and improve the performance of the plant.


Business Intelligence softwares

Not all companies have the same level of maturity in the use of technology, notably because of a disparity in the deployment of adapted tools.

On the other hand, the optimization of the industrial logistics thanks to new technologies allows to drastically increase the value of the resources of a company.

This is why it is advisable for companies to take an interest in Business Intelligence, which designates all the technologies that support better business decision-making, and thus, thanks to these technologies, to be part of a continuous improvement process.

Written par Emma Guignard

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