In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Our integrators and suppliers partners

A worldwide network of integrator and supplier partners

We are committed to offering our customers the solution best suited to their specific use case and sector of activity.

This is why we have chosen to surround ourselves with a network of trusted partners.

Discover the list of our integrator and supplier partners.

To select all our partners, we rigorously follow an internal charter with selection criteria based on the quality and adaptation of the technologies proposed to the industrial sector and its environment. We also take into account the flexibility of our partners’ approach and their ability to address multi-service and multi-environment projects.

Our integrator partners

Orange Business

In 2023, Orange Business became one of our integrator’s partner. This meaningful collaboration between Zozio and Orange Business aims at offering the best customer experience and support digital transformation for industrial operations and to provide the best smart tracking service for better production’s performances.

Simac IoTech

Our partner SIMAC IoTech supports the digital transformation of industries. We rely on them for their expertise and proximity to their customers, and the quality of the relationships they maintain with the decision-makers who trust them to guarantee operational excellence and optimize industrial processes.


Expert in the aeronautics industry, Daher and Zozio have been working together for over 4 years now. This has enabled them to optimize the group’s logistics flows and provide a global vision of Daher’s factories.

Our suppliers partners

Our supplier partners support us in the monitoring and supply of indoor and outdoor smart tracking technologies.

Their expertise in the manufacturing sector enables us to cover all needs thanks to the technologies they offer, and to pass the safety norms and standards expected by most industries.

Zozio has chosen to be tech-agnostic, to offer a flexible and even customized range of technologies.

By not limiting our IoT catalog to a single range of products from the same supplier, we “de-risk” our customer projects.

This means we can keep our promise of technical excellence and focus on our core business: developing the ROBIN platform.


Our supplier, Wizzilab, is an IoT (Internet of Things) expert whose lightweight technology will enable us to collect data with great precision. Wizzilab will then enable us to access a specific network to link these data and facilitate our employees’ day-to-day work.


We have placed our trust in Abeeway, thanks to their expertise in the field of geolocation. Indeed, its devices offer great flexibility and excellent reliability, even in difficult environments.

Digital Matter

Digital Matter is the world’s leading developer of low-power GPS and IoT hardware for asset tracking and management applications.

This will enable us to track equipment in real time inside the factory, thanks to an autonomous device.

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