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Renault industry 4.0 indoor geolocation
Orexad hybrid smart assets geolocation
Research partner for uwb geolocation
smart assets geolocation in warehouse
Safran Lora UWB kanban geolocation
DLS warehouse precise ultra wideband positionning


Highly accurate geolocation

Our tag allows a geolocation to within 15cm indoors and 10m outdoors by the hybridization of Ultra Wideband and Lora technologies.

Optimization of logistics

Based on the collected data, our predictive algorithms detect supply problems before they occur and optimize logisticians travels.

Unsurpassed autonomy

Thanks to the use of a new protocol under license, our tags achieve an autonomy of 10 years indoors and outdoors.

Variable range

The range of our tag varies according to the need from 45m indoors to 15km outdoors to limit energy consumption and infrastructure costs.

European deployment

The tag can be geolocated to within a few meters anywhere in Europe depending on the need.

Customizable software

We have developed a modular and customizable software that allows you to control it with a single click even when your infrastructure changes.

Do more than just display data, enhance them!

We have developed for you an easy-to-use and modular interface based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to our smart software, you can: create an infinite number of dashboards, detect supply defects before they occur, send alerts by email or SMS, optimize your staff's paths, view your storage in 3D, assign tasks automatically to your employees, etc.

Machine Learning and PowerBI software

Unprecedented gains

Unbeatable traceability

100% of the travel of your products known.

No more supply defects

-70% fewer supply defects at your manufacturing stations.

Automated inventories

-95% less time to perform an inventory.

Path finding

-40% less time to get to the right place.

Real-time retrieval

-70% less time to find assets in your shop floor.

End-to-end communication

-50% less time to communicate with customers and suppliers.

Our hybrid technology

Ultra Wideband


  • Most accurate indoor
  • Low power consumption
  • Best reliability in industry
  • Cost saving



  • Most accurate outdoor
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost effective
  • No infrastructure needed

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