In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Manage your cosmetic tanks washing cycles

Expected R.O.I

  • icon +10% productivity
  • icon +30mn time saved per operator each day
  • icon -5% raw material waste

Create automated alerts

Change your routines for the best! How? By significantly improving them, with automated alerts directly set up via ROBIN, our digital platform. Optimize your tasks or those carried out by your teams, secure operations and avoid human error. Receive an automatic alert as soon as a tank is full or empty. Avoid a costly and time consuming useless cycle of disinfection or sterilization, thanks to accurate statuts tracking of each tank. A real time-saver, with fewer unnecessary tasks and less waste.


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Repeating tedious tasks in the field creates error opportunities.

When an employee wastes time looking for a mobile tank and checking whether it’s full or empty, information can be lost in the process or misinformed.

It quickly becomes difficult to get a clear picture of whether a mobile tank needs to be washed, or how long it will take to sterilize it.

Our ROBIN solution has been designed to make life easier for production operators and managers.

On our fully configurable platform, you or our teams can define automatic rules.

This makes it easier to secure operations and avoid human error.

On the tool, pop-up notifications alert you to avoid washing full mobile tanks.

You benefit from a real-time view of your tank fleet, their distribution by status (dirty, clean, disinfected, empty, full…) and a map of the plant with tanks available or not.

Cut costs and limit financial losses by avoiding wasted material.

ROBIN is a lean, eco-responsible and collaborative solution.

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Zozio's ROBIN solution enables us to better monitor the hygiene status of our mobile tanks.
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