In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Tool tracking

Expected R.O.I

  • icon Enhanced Traceability
  • icon Time saving
  • icon Real time alerts

Make your tool tracking easier

Why use ROBIN for your tool tracking?

Are your production methos close to Job Shop Manufacturing or a Batch Production process?

On a day-to-day basis, certain process malfunctions that may seem basic but can be time-consuming for your operators.

Optimize your tools and machine equipment tracking.

Our goals: to help operators locate tools and machine equipment on the move in a click to know their status in order to manage their maintenance, and to optimize the fleet.

Measured savings

We have found that tool tracking saves our customers an average of 30 minutes per day per operator.

With Zozio, production operators can not only geolocate tools, but also :

  • Organize maintenance tasks,
  • Organize periodic inspection or certification tasks,
  • Support electronic documentation management to digitize maintenance files,

Give subcontractors access to the platform to record inspection and certification operations.

The objective?

By being aware of the actual use of tooling and machine equipment thanks to on-site and off-site data collection, it becomes easier to optimize the management of the container fleet and reduce its size.

This has a positive impact on overall container usage and operator productivity, as containers are returned to stock more quickly.

Process compliance is also improved, since operators can be sure that the containers are properly controlled.

In the event of failure, pre-configured alerts warn the user. These automated alerts can be used to track preventive and corrective maintenance requirements for tooling and machine equipment.

Why entrust your tooling tracking project to Zozio?

We specialize in indoor and outdoor geolocation in industrial environments.

Our tech-agnostic solution is flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Our technicians take into account your environmental constraints (ATEX environment, highly metallic, installations at height…).

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We rely on our integrator partners and technology suppliers to ensure that we address our customers’ needs as precisely as possible.

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