In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Indoor Geolocation

Our indoor geolocation solution

Have you ever thought of deploying industrial sensors (IIoT) in your plant?

At Zozio, to support our customers’ competitiveness, we offer a hybrid solution with a hardware and software mix – to give you full control over your data and production performances :

  • An indoor and outdoor geolocation solution,
  • ROBIN, our no-code platform to monitore your WIP.

A fast deployment, cable-free solution

Our indoor geolocation solution can be deployed in a few hours, thanks to a cable-free infrastructure.

Maintain and monitore your connected devices is easy and requires no specific skills.

Zozio’s indoor geolocation solution’s specifications:

  • Accuracy to 50 cm,
  • Battery life up to 5 years (depending on the application),
  • Cable-free infrastructure,
  • Pick-to-light: our tags are equipped with a pick-to-light function to find them easily.

Our anchors grid the area to track and our tags are placed on your production WIP (work-in-progress) equipments (tools, containers, IBC…). Our gateways agglomerates the collected datas and send it to the cloud.

A tech-agnostic solution

To each plant its own complexity! Industrial experts have different expectations in terms of geolocation accuracy and technologies depending on their use case.

This is why we are willingly tech-agnostic and why we work with a range of differents partners and suppliers.

After studying your very specific needs, we’ll open to you our integrated sensors’ portfolio and we’ll find together the right solution for you!

For indoor geolocation, we mainly use low frequency technologies and energy-saving connected devices:

  • Ultra Wideband (UWB);
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

For data transmission:

  • LoraWAN,
  • Dash7.
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Deployment restrictions

We guarantee our customers a rapid deployment on their industrial site, thanks to a dedicated operational team made of technical specialists and engineers. They are used to deal with complex environments such as highly metallic ones, ATEX and heights positioning difficulties.

Before any deployment, we duly take into account any of your constraints or restrictions to develop the optimum solution.

Since your datas are highly valuable, we send it to a well-secured cloud and choosed OVH as our main provider for its SecNumCloud certification by ANSSI. All of our customers’ datas are hosted in European servers and processed with a high level of encryption and accessible 24 hours a day on any medium.

The OVH cloud is also ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified.

Would you like to use another type of cloud?

We also work with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure.

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