In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Manage your raw material expiration status

Easy R.O.I

  • icon +10% productivity
  • icon +30 time saved per operator each day
  • icon -5% raw material waste

Save money

Wasting raw material has many consequences: financial losses, waste disposal processes, productivity drop due to low value added tasks repetition… With ROBIN, you’re instantanly alerted before a product runs out in your storage, thanks to your predefined alerts and dashboards. You can check at a glance the volume of product available and the hygiene status of each tank, so you can prioritize which tanks to use and which to wash, to optimize your production flows.


Waste is not only a matter of wasted materials and financial losses. It’s also about operators asked to carry out tasks that could have been avoided.

Depending your production plant’s perimeter, waste can represent several tons of material per year.

This budget is often regarded as inevitable and included in the unavoidable expenses lines. But this is wrong.

Significant savings can be made thanks to a digital tool like ROBIN, which takes into account all the parameters involved in waste.

You’ll be able to benefit from a complete overview of your assets’ location and your list of mobile tanks sorted by their expiration dates, coupled with pop-up notifications as soon as an expiration date comes to an end.

We can offer to diagnose these wastage factors and test our solution to remedy them.

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