In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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ROBIN Process Control

ROBIN Process Control

This is the second of our three services levels industrial app ROBIN.

ROBIN Process Control service level gives you access to the following KPIs’ modules.

Processes’ alerts

Be notified of specific assets’ statuts or events’ processes based on predefined conditions.

Processes updates

Automatic update of an asset’s current state based on predefined conditions.

Assets creation and update:

Create new data / add / update assets datas manually from the app ROBIN with your user account.

ROBIN Process Control supports you in many ways to get better processes performances:

  • By checking lead-time obsolescence for your tasks,

To generate notifications before processing times have elapsed, and analyze their impact.

  • By alerting you when you are at low WIP stocks.

Be notified when your stock of tools, equipment or parts are too low to allows you to reach your production objectives.

  • Benefit from automated task prioritization:

Implement planning and real-time communication solutions to prioritize your tasks.

  • Be alerted of quality processes’ compliance.

Generate notifications of non-compliance with quality standards or processes.

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Processes alerts

Processes alerts notifies the user in real time of any kind of statuts modification for a spectific asset or of any type of event that might occur and interfere with the process, based on users’ pre-defined conditions.

A range of various notifications are available (e-mail, SMS, colored assets notifications, onsite warning devices like flashing beacons).

Generate and update an asset

Create new datas for an asset or add it manually and autonomously from our app ROBIN with your user account.

Processes update

The processes’ update includes an automated update of an asset currrent statuts according to predefined conditions, including :

  • The automatical update of an asset-attached specific field’s value the value when possible,
  • The triggering of updates – either on a regular basis or following a specific event like geofencing (an event happening in a delimited zone),
  • An asset data update in the form of specific values (e.g. weight), values increments (+5), set dates or or dynamics dates (e.g. +5 days).

Who can benefit from this solution?

The ROBIN Process Control solution is aimed at industrial production professionals (aeronautics, automotive, glass production, cosmetics, MedTech, chemicals, etc) and more specifically at production operators, supervisors and managers.

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