Protect your employees from Covid-19 at the office!

Provide your employees with the KYD (Keep Your Distance) badge in order to:

  • Guaranty their safety in the workplace
  • Redefine the workplace in the Post-Covid world
  • Avoid new clusters of Covid-19 cases

Social distancing solution for post Covid-19 workspace

Why choose the KYD for social distancing?

Accuracy up to 10 cm
(4 inches)

Thanks to UWB technology

Unequalled battery autonomy

1 working week without charging

Total anonymity

No people tracking
(identification by badge number)

Badge for social distancing garanties safety at the office

Quality and robustness

Made in collaboration with electronics and engineering experts

Connectivity (optional)

Real-time monitoring of badges contacts


The badges are easily re-used for other purposes

Our clients trust us with the KYD

French national channel France 5 presented our Social distancing bandges during their daily show

Bring some piece of mind to your co-workers and their families thanks to the technology!

Badge for social distancing uses accurate geolocation technology

The KYD badge

Social distancing

  • Accuracy: Ap to 10 cm (4 inches)
  • Autonomy: A full working week
  • Alert system: Sound, light, buzzer
  • Installation: Without cabling
  • Technology: Ultra WideBand
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