In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Industry 4.0 29.09.21

COVID-19 could accelerate the digital transformation of industries

An industry affected by the crisis

Companies under pressure due to the crisis have sought to compensate for the financial losses incurred in recent weeks. The generalized nationwide lockdown has had a considerable impact on business. For example, nearly 30% of companies in the automotive sector are at risk of bankruptcy because of Covid-19, according to an article published in Le Parisien last May.

As a result, companies have asked themselves how to optimize production flows without radically disrupting their usual organization. These companies can eventually use innovative tools to produce more efficiently.

What innovations to revive industries?

Paradoxically, innovation could be the source of the rebound so long awaited by the French economic fabric.

According to Olivier Scalabre, Senior Associate at the Boston Consulting Group, “digital technologies can increase productivity by 15 to 20%“.

First, a number of companies have enabled their employees to work remotely. According to a study commissioned by the Direction Générale des Entreprises, this mode of exercise would increase production and productivity by 5 to 30%.

Cloud computing

Telecommuting, especially enabled by cloud computing applications, has given countless organizations the opportunity to continue their business. However, it has a limit, it is far from being applicable to all jobs. A study carried out by the CSA institute for Malakoff Humanis in 2019 showed that it was much more popular with service sector professionals than with industry professionals.

AI and automation

Boosting the remote activity of their employees is not the only opportunity for innovative manufacturers. The pandemic is also expected to boost the supply chain as well as the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, according to experts interviewed by the Atlantic Council think-tank GeoTech Center.

Among other things, AI helps to optimize transport capacities and inventories.

In addition, a survey by the British firm Ernst & Young published last March shows that 36% of company managers in various countries are accelerating their investments in the automation sector. Similarly, more than 4 out of 10 respondents are considering rethinking their strategy to move towards automation.

A solution for industrial flow management

Other technological innovations in the industry that might catch your eye include the Zozio-stamped plug and play production solution.

The companies that adopted it were looking for a tool to optimize their production processes, and their managers quickly realized that they could use the device to solve all sorts of pitfalls that had previously limited their operations.

For example, inaccurate inventories and products that were not shipped on time.

The system that Zozio has developed determines the industrial production KPIs to be achieved. Not only does it process the data collected and present it to the users, but it has the advantage of issuing recommendations in real time.

No effort is required from the players who wish to take advantage of it. They have a software interface to their image and benefit from the very short deployment time.

Zozio supports them in the improvement of their industrial process management.

Written by Emma Grignard

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