In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Sustainable production

Eco-responsible production makes industry more competitive

Zozio is committed to an environmental preservation approach for the design of a sustainable and efficient factory.

Robin.Brain’s analysis tools based on process mining and Artificial Intelligence algorithms help improve resource management.

Zozio assists industrial companies in the management of change by making employees aware of environmental issues.

Reduce your raw material losses

Limit potential losses of raw material thanks to Zozio.Insight’s geolocation system combined with an alert system.

Detect any risk of waste and alert the right people at any moment.

With Zozio, you can reduce your industrial waste and make the best use of your resources.

Avoid the expiration of your products

Zozio alert system helps you to avoid any risk of product expiration.

Robin.Brain detects storage anomalies usine artificial intelligence algorhytmes.

Also, our LIFO and FIFO management allows you to implement Lean Manufacturing approche.

Eliminate your underutilized inventory

Identify the over-use and under-use of your equipment with our Robin.Perf inventory analysis tool.

Optimize the use of your industrial containers.

Size your production at any time taking in account your available containers.

Zozio contributes to the design of a greener factory, especially through the reduction of raw material losses and the optimization of resources.
Bastien Triclot
CEO at Zozio

Why choose Zozio for an eco-responsible production?

Zozio's teams all share a single ambition: to make tomorrow's factory more human, efficient and sustainable. The solution developed by Zozio allows to optimize the processes inside the factory and between the sites in order to reduce to the maximum the waste and the losses of raw material. In order to make the factory more sustainable, we use the most sustainable low power geolocation technologies.
  • 01 Low energy technologies

    Zozio uses low-power technologies such as Ultra-Wideband long-range geolocation technology. This technology emits weak signals and consumes little power compared to Wi-Fi.
  • 02 Long battery life

    The installation of our solution does not require a wired infrastructure. Our Robin.IoT equipment runs on batteries that can last up to 10 years without replacement.
  • 03 Reduction of paper use

    The digitization of factory logistics reduces paper consumption.

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