In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Workplace environment improvement

Zozio reinvents the way you work in the factory

Zozio’s mission is to provide operators and their managers with easy-to-use tools that allow them to be more efficient while being more motivated by their work.

Zozio’s logistics platform accompanies an employee and assists him in all his daily tasks, while improving his work environment.

Zozio makes the factory more human with the help of technology!

Get rid of long and tedious tasks

Zozio allows operators to get rid of repetitive, tedious and non-value added tasks.

Improve the daily life of your teams with our dashboards, interactive maps and automated reports.

Use Zozio’s ergonomic tools that allow operators to focus on their core business.

Simplify your decision-making process

Improve operational efficiency and facilitate decision making with key information at your fingertips provided by Zozio platform.

Easily evolve your actions thanks to our performance analysis modules.

Anticipate your potential delivery delays on the line with our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Guarantee worker safety on your industrial site

Ensure the safety of your employees with better management of equipment maintenance.

Set up a machine-pedestrian alert system that secures the employee’s workspace.

Contribute to the well-being and motivation of your teams by integrating an innovative and ergonomic solution that facilitates their work.

Zozio's platform was easily integrated by all our colleagues from Vichy and La Roche-Posay plants of Cosmétique Active Production.

Together, we are inventing the beauty of the future!
Jean-Yves Larraufie
Director at Cosmétique Active Production L’Oréal

Why choose Zozio to simplify the work of your teams?

Thanks to its industrial expertise, Zozio's teams know the exact needs of operators and plant managers. In order to meet their needs, Zozio has developed a platform Robin.Insight that requires no IT development skills for an ergonomic and intuitive use. The solution has already been approved by many operators as a user-friendly platform that supports them in their daily tasks.
  • 01 User-friendly intuitive platform

    Zozio's platform is very easy to use thanks to the preconfigured modules. It does not require any web development skills and is used in an intuitive way. The platform is made to simplify the daily life of the factory worker and improve his quality of life at work.
  • 02 Modular and agile solution

    Our solution is scalable and can be reprogrammed or reconfigured remotely and very quickly by our teams.
  • 03 Data visualization in dashboards and maps

    Complex data is visualized in a very clear way in the form of dashboards, maps and tables. Understand and analyze your logistics data to improve your daily life!

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