In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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Media 29.09.21

How to reconcile social distancing and corporate life?

At the time of Covid 19, all over the world, the daily organization of work is largely modified.

The first response of employers has been to develop telework as much as possible, but the challenge of the next few weeks will be to allow employees to return to their workplaces in conditions that guarantee their safety.



Respect for social distancing

Specialists agree that within each company, it is the respect of the social distance between colleagues that will be the condition for the success of a resumption of activity compatible with the health security of each person.

Zozio, a specialist in indoor geolocation technologies and flow analysis within companies, wishes to offer its customers the technological solution that will allow employers and managers to ensure that each employee has a safe working environment, and that at any time he is more than one meter away from his closest colleague.

This is of course within the framework imposed by the Labour Law and by the regulations on the protection of personal data.

KYD badges for social distancing

After several weeks of work, the Zozio teams are proud to present their KYD (Keep Your Distance) solution.

The solution can be implemented in a few hours, it is autonomous and it consists in equipping each employee with an electronic device that flashes if it detects another device at less than a meter of distance for social distancing

Distanciation sociale en entreprise - badges KYD de Zozio

What are the benefits of KYD social distancing badges?

1.Precision, reliability

  • The use of UWB technology allows a precision of 30 cm which guarantees the respect of a safety distance of 1m
  • The badge can run for several weeks on battery power without being recharged.

2. Confidentiality

Each badge is anonymous. Travel history does not have to be recorded.

3. Simplicity

  • The deployment of the solution within a site is easy, regardless of the number of employees or the layout of the building
  • The service is instantaneous, just put the device in the pocket of each employee.

At a time when a large part of European workers are getting ready to resume their activities, Zozio proposes to provide them with an effective alert device and hopes to bring some serenity to employees and managers.

Written by Emma Grignard

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