In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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In 2023, Orange Business became Zozio’s partner

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4.0 Interview 16.11.21

Interview with Marie Lanciaux, ATALIAN

We met with Marie Lanciaux, Head of Innovation Department, Facility Management Sector at Atalian, to share our vision of the fourth industrial revolution.

Considered today as one of the world leaders in Facility Management, Atalian specializes in cleaning, security, building maintenance and green space maintenance.

Atalian conveys solid and universal values such as proximity, listening and proactivity.


People at the heart of industry and time management.

Atalian’s mission is to offer its customers the possibility to focus on their core business, to improve their performance, their quality of life at work and their well-being. That’s why its Innovation Department carries out a technical, technological and social watch, with the aim of analyzing the market trends that will have a lasting impact on its activity.

It is obvious today that time has become a strategic variable for companies. Time management is a skill that can be acquired, developed and reinforced.

Atalian’s experts realized that when they were unavailable in the field, they were unable to share their expertise with the operational staff in real time.

According to Marie Lanciaux, the journey of the experts to the location of Atalian’s customers represents a considerable loss of time, both for its employees and its customers:



The notion of time is therefore of paramount importance to them. It represents their main constraint, in addition to being a considerable asset for those who know how to optimize it.


Technology at the service of the industry and employee training.

In order to respond to this growing problem, Atalian has been able to judiciously differentiate itself from its competitors thanks to the development of new technologies. Indeed, a real trend has developed: connected glasses like HoloLens with Remote Assist solutions, proposed by Microsoft.


Through these connected glasses, experts can remotely assist operational teams in the field. For example, in the event of a breakdown on the production line, the technician uses these glasses and calls his expert, who can assist him more easily from a distance.

This solution saves time in terms of intervention time. Indeed, there is no need to travel to the customer’s premises, only the availability of the expert. Moreover, the qualification of Atalian’s collaborators is improving a little more each day thanks to the implementation of this ingenious technological device.


To be attentive to its customers in terms of performance and innovation.

New technologies will impact service companies. That’s why Atalian works daily with its customers to document and experiment new innovative solutions in order to anticipate the transformations of their businesses.

It is in this context that Zozio caught Atalian’s attention, meeting its needs in terms of geolocation and data recovery.

The company wanted to know how to properly manage their machine fleets remotely and ensure their operation. Designing a technology that would allow them to map the machines, geolocate them and retrieve the data became necessary.

We would like to thank Marie Lanciaux for this interesting interview she had the pleasure to grant us.


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